Thursday, January 10, 2013

Traditions...For Someday

Earlier this week I wrote about my five favorite things that we did to celebrate Christmas this year.  That list included things we did as a family and will (at least as long as it's age appropriate) continue to do as a family in the future.

Today I want to write about some of the traditions I hope to include in our Advent and Christmas celebrations someday down the road- when our kids are a bit older, after I've been in this call for more than three months, when Thomas is done with school.

Here are my top ones:
  1. Happy Birthday Jesus!  Though we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning, next year I want to make a bigger to-do out of Jesus' birthday so that there is as much excitement about that as there is the presents under the tree.
  2. Pajama Christmas Party- I love having a reason to invite some friends over, and this sounds like a great time.  You invite friends and their children to come over in their pajamas to read Christmas stories.  Everyone can bring their own favorite Christmas story and then you can take turns reading while drinking hot chocolate together.
  3. 25 Christmas Books- The idea is to wrap up twenty five Christmas books and pick a new one to unwrap and read each day.  When Esme is out of the stage of wanting the same book read three times every night, I think this will be a great addition to our Advent routine.
  4. Gifts with Appreciation- I love this idea to make the gift giving experience about more than just the gifts, but I know it will take a few years to get to the point of being able to do it.  When we do, the idea is to tell each person you are giving a gift to something you appreciate about them as you hand them the present.
  5. Hope Notes- This is something I'm still hoping to do this year, but just in case we don't get to it, I want to make sure I've chronicled it for next year.  Each year, you write a little note to go in each stocking when you pack them up for the next year.  The following year when you unpack all the decorations, you pull out the notes tucked inside.  The notes are meant to include simple, practical things you hope to see happen before the next Christmas arrives.  
  6. The Minivan Express- Based on the book, The Polar Express, this fun adventure is bound to become a favorite.  You pick a night to hide “Golden Tickets” in your kids’ beds.  Then you start the bedtime routine as usual.  Beforehand you prepare little bags of popcorn and hot chocolate drinks and place them in the car, and have Christmas music playing in the car too.  When the kids go to climb into bed, they will find the ticket hidden under their covers.  The kids are then instructed to grab their slippers and head for the car.  Upon entrance to The Minivan Express, their ticket is punched and then you travel around the city looking at all the beautiful lights.
As with most things in parent land, there are more ideas than there is room to incorporate them.  However, the exciting thing to me is having ideas the ideas on hand so that when I do want to include something new in our celebrating there are already some on my back burner.

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  1. Love your ideas! There are a couple you put down that we hope to do too as Elsie gets older! I am already enjoying reading your blog :)


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