Friday, February 15, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

As a working mom with two kids under the age of three and a husband who is a full-time commuter student, there are some things I can't do: have an immaculate house, make elaborate meals, and get a massage or pedicure regularly.

However, in the midst of the things that don't fit our lifestyle, there are things I can do that make me feel better about our crazy-busy-pulled-in-every-direction stage in life.  One of my joys the last few months has been figuring out what those are, and doing them.  This list includes things like flossing my teeth every other day and using a face lotion that I like.  It includes strength training twice a week and doing cardio three.  And it includes randomly treating someone I'm grateful for with a $5 Caribou card.

One of the other things I've greatly enjoyed the last month or so is having friends over for dinner, or going to a friend's house, almost every Friday night.  These gatherings feed me in more ways than one.  I've always enjoyed sharing a meal with people I care about, and I've always wanted our home to be a place where others feel welcomed and valued.  Somewhat surprisingly, it seems we've found a way to do that in a way that works with our lifestyle.

I'm a drooler!
Over the last few months, I've also been intentional about celebrating the small things, if even just for a minute.  For instance, this morning I got the dishwasher loaded after Thomas left with the kids and was still able to make it out the door when I wanted to.  Hooray!  Last night I got a load of laundry done which means that Reid has clean bibs for at least the next couple of days.  Woohoo!  And the suppers I've planned for the week have gotten on the table every night.  Yippee!

These are small things to be sure.  But taking the time to acknowledge them helps me to remember of all the ways God provides for us each day and it gives me pause to thank God for them.  This in and of itself is a helpful practice, because gratitude is one of the best ways (in my opinion) to make it through crazy-busy-pulled-in-every-direction sort of days.

I came across this prayer the other day that fits this and thought I'd pass it on:      

God in heaven, you give us so much that we don't deserve.  
Give us one more thing: thankful hearts!  Amen.

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  1. Always good to read some new words from Pastor Kari. Peace be with you


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