Monday, March 4, 2013

Easter Eggs

Here's a fun idea I came across to help young kids understand the importance of Jesus' death and resurrection at Easter.  The idea came from the January 2013 issue of Seeds for the Parish.

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I've also heard these eggs called Resurrection Eggs, but the important thing isn't what you call them.  It's just about spending a little time together as a family and doing something to help teach your children what Easter is about in a way they can grasp.

Here's what to do:

  • Fill an empty egg carton with 12 plastic Easter eggs.
  • Number the eggs 1-12 with a marker or colorful stickers
  •  Inside each egg, place an item from the list below (match the number to the egg) as well as the corresponding Bible verse
    1.  A green leaf or palm frond: John 12:12-13
    2. Cotton ball sprayed with perfume: Matthew 26:6-7
    3. Coins: Matthew 26:14-15
    4. Crouton or small piece of bread: Matthew 26:26
    5. Piece of purple fabric: Mark 15:17a
    6. Thorns or a toothpick: Matthew 27:29
    7. A small cross: John 19:16-18
    8. Sponge soaked in vinegar: Matthew 27:48
    9. Small stone: Mark 16:3-4
    10. Piece of white cloth: John 19:40
    11. Cinnamon or cloves: Mark 16:1-2
    12. Leave the egg empty!  Jesus is risen!: Mark 16:5-6
  • After filling the eggs, open one egg each day, timing the 12th egg to be opened on Easter.

If you are doing this activity with very young kids, you might want to check in a children's Bible first to see what parts of the Holy Week (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday) story is included.  Then tailor your Bible verses to match up with those parts.  Or, put the Bible verses in your own words, write them down, and put those in the eggs along with the corresponding object.

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