Friday, March 22, 2013

More Easter Ideas...

The other day I was thinking about things we could do as a family for Easter...decorate eggs, have an egg hunt, fill Easter baskets.  As I was thinking about these ideas, I realized none of these ideas had anything to do with the the new life that Easter is all about.  So I did a little searching for ideas of ways to celebrate Easter while also helping kids (even really young ones) remember the true meaning of this precious day and season.

Here were some of the ideas I came up with that I thought were worthy of passing on...
  1. Start with the traditions you already have- One article that I came across gave this advice, which is wise.  So, if you always decorate Easter eggs, talk to your kids about a chick hatching out of an egg.  The chick is a symbol of new life, which is what we celebrate at Easter.  If you always give Easter baskets, you might try connecting what's in them to Jesus, like Detail-Orientated Diva did.  For ideas, click here and here.
  2. Point out images of new life- In addition to chicks hatching out of an egg, spring time is full of many other examples of new blooming, buds on trees, grass starting to sprout, birds returning to their nests.  Point these out and talk about how they relate to the new life we have in Christ.
  3. Create an appreciation for the miraculous- Since the resurrection of Jesus is God's most astonishing miracle, this is a great thing to give our children.  To do this, one parent made a rainbow of hundreds of brightly colored lollipops in the snow.  When her daughter (10) saw it, she said, "It seemed like a miracle...magical, beautiful, and full of mystery and wonder." 
  4. Get Artsy- Use tape to make the shape of a cross on paper.  Have your child paint over it.  When he's done, pull off the tape and you have a beautiful, handmade piece of Easter art.

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