Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun Anywhere

I am a sucker for inexpensive and easy ways to have fun as a family.  For me, the less elaborate a project is, and the more easily it can be done "on the seat of my pants," the better.  That way, having fun together as a family is less likely to be sidelined by bad weather, tired parents, or busy schedules.

For instance, just the other day, to divert Esme's attention, and because it seemed like we were stuck in the winter that never ends, I told Esme we were going to have a dance party.  I put on some heels and a bathrobe and then she ran to get her "dancing hat."  She then told Thomas to go get his dancing clothes on, and from there, we entertained ourselves for a good thirty minutes.  It was hilarious, and really fun.

Especially when it comes to kids, I've learned that one sure-fire way to make the ordinary more fun is to "just add water." And to be honest, playing with water also seems to be a great way to bring out your inner-child.  But since water isn't exactly conducive to any situation or place, and just in case being a "dancing queen" isn't your cup of tea (although I guarantee your kids would love it!) here are some other ideas that you can utilize to have fun just about anywhere and at just about any time.

  1. Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!  I absolutely love bubbles, and thankfully Esme does too.  To be honest, I'm not sure who enjoys blowing them more- her or me.  The great thing about bubbles is that they are highly transportable, you can make them yourself, and they also work as a great method of helping kids (and yourself) calm down when needed.  Seriously- it's because they make you take long, slow breaths. Try it!
  2. Go an a scavenger hunt.  To make the most of this, I suggest making up your own list with your child depending on where you are going to be.  For instance, to have to drive to see grandparents?  Make a list of what you are likely to see along the way and then keep asking your child if they have seen ___ or ___ yet.  Then when they do, you can get really excited and make a big deal about crossing it off your list.  You can also do this when you go for a walk, drive to daycare, or are at the grocery store.  Here's a very simple list that I found online to get you started:
  3. Make music.  Granted, you have to be willing to let yourself be a little crazy for this one, but I have found that the more you sing and make up silly songs, the easier it gets.  Grab a couple of paper towel tubes or some tupperware and see how many different ways your kid can "play" it.  This is also easy to "take on the road" and can be done either outside or indoors. 

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