Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cousins Camp

My beloved niece and nephew are both under the age of four, so I won't be utilizing this idea for awhile, but I still love the idea and thought I'd pass it along.  I'm sure some of you have already even done something like this, but it was new to me.  The idea came to me from a friend named Lyle.

Lyle was one of the presenters for the Living Room Summit that I went to back in April.  During one of our breaks, I remarked on one of the photos hanging on the fridge, and in response Lyle told me about how he and his wife host Cousins Camp every summer for their nieces and nephews.  At the mere mention of Cousins Camp, I was hooked.  When I asked him to tell me more, Lyle (a former camp counselor) told me how during Cousins Camp, they have a beach day, arts and crafts, even an "upside down breakfast."

Based on these ideas, I'm inspired to do our own version of Cousins Camp once my kids and their cousins are in the post-nap era.  That gives me a couple of years to dream up activities and games.  However, in the event that you feel inspired to try out Cousins Camp sooner (maybe even this summer!), here are a few ideas to get you started:
  1. Designate Themed Mealtimes- When I was a counselor out at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp, we would occasionally have themed meals.  Only instead of the theme relating to the type of food being served (think Italian, Mexican, Finger Foods, etc.) they were related to how we would be eating the meal (think Silent Meal, Left Hand Meal, etc).  My favorite by far was the Big Utensil Meal, where we each got a kitchen utensil with which to eat our food.  It was hilarious.  
  2. Kickball Croquet- Cut pool noodles in half, use garden stakes to hold them in place, round up a few kickballs, and then play! The site where I found this idea has a lot of other great fun activities as well.
  3. Human Carwash- On a hot summer day, this is a great alternative to bath time: as kids walk through the "carwash" they receive soap, shampoo, and then are rinsed off with the hose.  This idea was used to get the youngest kids at camp clean without them knowing it.  :) 

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