Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Have the Power!

These days there are lots of products out there that promise to make your child's brain (or your brain, for that matter) better, stronger, smarter.  If you have the money to purchase those things, great.  But if you're like me, you aren't all that convinced by any one product/program that claims to be magical and spending money on one of them is not likely to happen either.  That's why I loved an article written by Laura Mann titled, "Want a Better Brain?" In it, she listed several easy, inexpensive, and engaging things we can all do to help our brain stay limber and astute.

  1. Pay in cash at the store, and have your kids calculate payments and change. Paying in cash is also a great way to stay away from the slippery slope of credit card debt.
  2. Take a new route to work. When you do, your brain is forced to adapt and work a little harder when presented with anything outside the routine. Similarly, take a walk with the kids and explore a part of your neighborhood you have never been to.
  3. Watch a foreign movie without subtitles. This may seem daunting, I know, but it's a great way to learn the basics of interacting in another language. Your brain is bombarded with new sights, sounds, and methods of interacting, and that is heaving lifting for brain training.
  4. Spend a few minutes each day putting something down on paper, without planning what it's going to be. You could draw a picture, write random words, or sketch what you see in the room around you. There are no rules! This is another things that's especially great for kids.
  5. When you go to a restaurant, calculate the tip yourself. You can check your results on your phone's calculator if you're worried your math skills aren't up to par.

Like I said, all of these activities are pretty easy and inexpensive. They don't require a lot of preparation and are all very beneficial in terms of helping our brains (and our kids' brains) stay sharp. Who doesn't want that?

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