Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sundae School

I recently came across a great idea for passing on the faith at home.  I love this idea because it teaches kids in a fun way that God made them special and has given them gifts to share with the world.  I'm also willing to guess that where most of you worship, Sunday School is not offered in the summer months.  So this idea works great, not only because it includes ice cream, which is a perfect summer treat, but also because it helps you share faith as a family during a time of year when you may not attend worship as regularly as you might during the school year.

Sundae School (vibrantfaithathome.org)

To prepare for this activity, set out toppings, sauces, bowls, and spoons.

Say this prayer along to begin:
Jesus, you were a person just like us.  You had a home, friends, and a family.  Thank you for our family and for what we love about one another.  May this time of sharing be sweet!  Amen.

Instruct family members to create a Sundae Self Portrait, an ice cream sundae that reflects him or her.  Encourage family members to consider what they like best about themselves and include it on the Sundae.  Mini M&Ms can be eyes, strawberry sauce red hair, etc.  If a family member likes their sense of humor they might make their Sundae laughing.  If a member loves animals, they might surround their Sundae with gummy bears or animal crackers.

Ask each family member to describe his or her creation, concluding with this statement: One of my favorite things about me is ________________. Thanks, God!

Once everyone has shared, begin feasting!  While you eat, talk about what you liked best about each person's sundae and what each person has taught you about God's love through their gifts.

End with this prayer:
God, thank you for making each one of us, as unique and special and we are.  May we grow in your love as we love one another.  Amen.

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