Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Fun- Apples to Share

This time of year one of my favorite family activities is going to the apple orchard. I love the atmosphere, the aromas, and the applesauce and pies that are made from the fresh apples. That's why, when I came across the idea of combining a fun activity like apple-picking with an opportunity to serve, it seemed like a win-win. The activity comes from and you can find the full activity sheet here.

Apples to Share

1. Gather the family. Tell your children you’re thinking of a fruit that is red or green, juicy, and starts with an “A.” Can they guess what it is? An apple! Invite family members to tell about their favorite kind of apple.

2. Read aloud Psalm 85:12: Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase.

3. Pray aloud: Gracious God, you give us all of our food, from apples to zucchini! Thank you for the earth, trees, fruits, vegetables, and all your blessings. Help us to share your gifts with others. Amen.

4. Talk together about how farmers plant seeds and take care of their apple trees and other crops, and how God makes the food grow by providing sunshine, rain, good soil, and all the things necessary to turn small apple seeds into delicious fruit to eat.

5. Go apple picking. While there, ask your family: For whom will we make an apple dessert with some of the apples we pick? What will we make? When will we give it to them? What will we say when we give it to them?

6. Have fun together as you enjoy God’s creation and harvesting apples.

7. After you return home, or in the next few days, make the apple dessert for the person or family you chose.

8. Practice what you will say when you deliver the dessert. For example: Our family was thinking of you when we went apple picking.
  • Thank you for...
  • We want to give you this apple dessert because...
  • Welcome to [our neighborhood, our church, our school]
  • We made this for you because you make our lives sweet when you...
9. Before you leave to deliver the dessert, pray aloud: Dear God, thank you for the harvest of apples and all the food you give us. Thank you for our family time at the orchard and in the kitchen. Please bless (name of recipient) as we serve them this dessert. May they know your love through our gift. Amen.

If you need help finding an apple orchard near you, you can click here.

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