Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Fun

I don't do a lot of crafty projects with my kids, at least not those that require certain steps to be followed in order to achieve a certain result. Now that Esme is getting older, that may change, at least a little. She's been practicing using a scissors and loves to paint. And I've been adding to my reservoir of crafty supplies so that I am at the ready when an opportunity arises.

In my opinion, fall is a wonderful time of year for arts and crafts activities. Nature is full of inspiration and there is much to be thankful for--from harvest, to blue skies, to the change of seasons. If you are hunkering for an activity to do with your kids as you talk to them about the goodness and beauty of God's creation, here are a few of the favorites I've come across lately.

Harvest Crown

Bean-filled Leaves

Harvest Wreath

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