Thursday, September 12, 2013

Setting Up the Pins

I really enjoy the music of Sara Groves. If you have never heard of Sara, you should definitely check her out. I "discovered" her because she is the sister-in-law of one of my dear friends. The first time I listened to one of her songs was after talking to my friend about a trying time I was going through and she pushed the eject button of her car stereo and said, "Here you need to listen to this," and then gave me her cd. The song my friend had me listen to that night was "It's Going to Be Alright." Looking back, the cause of my distress that night was very petty compared to some other times I now have under my belt. But I'm so glad my friend tipped me off to this song, because it's one I hum the refrain to often.

This summer Thomas and I got to go to one of Sara's concerts because she happened to be singing at one of the Bible camps in our area. It was awesome. We left with several of Sara's cds because they were selling them for a ridiculously low price: like three for $20 or something. I listen to them often, and one of the songs I've been thinking about a lot lately is Setting Up the Pins. It is such a fitting song for our life right now. Most days have a familiar feel to them-- we get up, eat breakfast, clean up afterwards, leave the house, come home, play, eat supper, get ready for bed. Somewhere in there dishes (hopefully) get washed, laundry gets done, and the floor gets swept. Sure, there are variations on this theme, but for the most part our daily activities are of a predictable sort.

Thomas and I often joke about the mess Reid makes while he is eating these days. It's like he is trying to see how many baths we'll give him in a day. And I often say it's funny that I feel any sense of victory when I'm caught up with the laundry since the victory is so short-lived. By the end of the day, there is almost always another load to do, the floor inevitably needs to be swept, and the dishwasher either has to be loaded or unloaded. Again.

But like Sara sings in the song, "setting up the pins" sounds simple but it's really profound. It's profound because these are the kinds of things that family life is made of. They give our days a sense of rhythm, and doing them is a way of living out the call we've received to raise a family, manage a household, and be faithful with what God has given us. There's nothing really glamorous about it. Yet the promise is that God is with us even as we do these very monotonous, simple things and is even glorified through them when we do them with kindness, patience, and joy.

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