Sunday, November 24, 2013

At Your Thanksgiving Table

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I was leading a group of Bible study leaders recently and one of the questions that came up during our discussion was: What is your family's Thanksgiving meal grace?  How do you give thanks for God's bounty?

As we went around the table, some people shared that their family had a specific prayer they said together; others mentioned a specific person who said the prayer each year.  One of the people in the group said her family always sang together on Thanksgiving day; another shared an idea for giving thanks as a family that I just had to pass on.

This woman said that on Thanksgiving, those gathered would write down three things they are thankful for in a journal.  Whoever was there for the meal that day would include his/her entry and those who were too little to write had their responses written down for them.

I absolutely love this idea because all that is needed is a journal/notebook and a writing utensil.  Doing this together as a family doesn't require any extra supplies or trips to the store.  And it won't create a mess like some crafts do or get in the way of all the cooking.

I also love this idea because this journal becomes a keepsake that chronicles what members in your family are thankful for over the years.  What a treasure it would be to be able to look back at previous Thanksgivings and be reminded of what your family is thankful for.

This idea is one that I am thankful for, and one that I can say for certain will be added to our family's Thanksgiving traditions!

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