Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gratitude Jars

There is no shortage of activities out there to do or crafts to make related to Thanksgiving and fostering gratitude in our kids.  I've sifted through tons of them and decided you don't need me to help you find "20 Thanksgiving Crafts" or "10 Gratitude Activities for Kids." 

But when I came across this Gratitude Jar activity, I wanted to pass it on because I liked how it combined naming the things we are grateful for with doing something to show our gratitude.  I found this activity on the Inner Child Fun blog, and you can click directly to it here.

I think making the connection between being thankful and expressing our thanks is important because as the old saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words."  So while it is important to name those things that we are grateful for (and be in the habit of doing so) it's also important that we find ways to "put flesh" on our gratitude.

After all, though we spend a lot of time focusing on these sorts of things this time of year, thanksgiving is not just a holiday or a season.  It is something we can- and in fact are called to do- anytime, anywhere, for everything.  And when we are in the habit of regularly recognizing all we have to be thankful for, it has a way of showing in how we live and act.

Gratitude Jars
  • Cut some little cards out of cardstock or paper.  Fold them in half.
  • Ask each child (or family member!) to name some of the things they are thankful for.  Write that on the outside of the card.    
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  • Then, along with them, come up with  a coordinating activity to go along with it.  You can leave your cards as is, or decorate with stickers, etc.
For example: I am thankful for…..
Dad — Do something nice for Daddy.
Friends — Make 1 new friend today.
Hugs — Hug 3 people today.
Books — Visit the library today.
Play Time — Invite a friend over to play.
Good Health — Make a donation to the Ronald McDonald house.
Toys — Donate a toy to Goodwill.
Good Food — Donate canned goods to the food pantry.
Nature — Play a fun game outside today.
  •  Put all the cards in a jar and place the jar in a prominent place.  For a set period of time (maybe next year you'll do from November 1 to Thanksgiving!) pick one card from the jar every day and do the activity on the card.
  • Pick a time to celebrate as a family and share about the things you did and the way doing them made you feel.

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