Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Prayer: Joy to the World

Wherever Christmas finds you, my prayer for you and your family is that you find much joy and peace in the birth of Jesus, who comes for us and to us again this Christmas.

Joy to the World 

It may seem naive,
    in a world of grief,
        to choose to live in joy;
It may seem foolish,
    in a world where solemnity is power,
        to sing and dance to a different tune;
It may seem cruel,
    in a world of suffering and injustice,
        to speak of light and celebration;
 But you have come, Jesus,
    to bring joy into our grief,
        light into our darkness,
        singing into our mourning;
    and it is an act of healing and proclamation
        to believe and embrace the joy you offer.
 Joy to the world!
    The Lord is come!
— Copyright © 2010 John van de Laar

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