Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hope Notes

I wrote about this idea last year, mentioning that it was something I wanted to add to our Christmas traditions.  This is the year I am going to make that happen.  The basic premise is to write a little note to go in each stocking when you take them down and pack them up until next year.  Then, the following year, when you unpack the stockings again, each person gets to pull out the note and see which of the things that were hoped for actually happened.

Your notes don't have to be fancy or elaborate.  They might include simple, practical things that you hope to see happen before the next Christmas arrives.  For instance, in our house, that would include things like...
  • Esme getting potty trained...right now she knows what to do and can do it all but has a way of choosing when she will use the potty (at daycare) and when she would rather have a diaper (at home).  I credit her parents for this reality.
  • Reid learning his colors and letters. 
  • Thomas having time to hang out regularly with some guy friends.
  • Us having regular date/alone time as a couple.
When I was in college, I often used to write in cards to my friends- "I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you this year."  In a way, that is what these hope notes are about.  It's a way of looking forward with anticipation and expectancy, trusting that God has good things in store for us and taking a moment to imagine with God what some of those things might be. 

Just think of the message you are giving the members of your family if you wrote a note to them that said..."I can't wait to see what God has in store for you this year!  God has blessed you with a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to make people smile.  When you make someone smile, I see God's light shining through you, and I pray you continue to use that quality for good this coming year..." or something like that.  

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