Sunday, December 1, 2013

Make Your Own Advent Wreath

Here are a couple of fun and easy ideas for making your own Advent wreath, which is an especially perfect activity if you have preschool or lower-elementary aged kids. 

Make Your Own Advent Wreath, option 1
Trace your kids' hand prints on green construction paper and cut them out.  Cut a circle out of the middle of a paper plate.  Cut out hand prints and glue to the paper plate.  Roll purple and pink construction paper to make candles.  Attach candles to the wreath.  Each Sunday of Advent, glue an orange “flame” to one of the candles.

First Sunday: purple candle = hope
Second Sunday: purple candle = love
Third Sunday: pink candle = joy
Fourth Sunday: purple candle = peace

Make Your Own Advent Wreath, option 2
Make a paper chain leading up to Christmas.  Cut twenty five strips of construction paper.  On each strip, write an activity or Bible verse to do/read as a family.  These activities can include things your family already does together during the Advent/Christmas season.  Loop the strips together and hang a bell at the very top.  Each day, rip off one of the strips and do the activity together. 

Here are some examples of activities:
Decorate your tree
Have hot chocolate with your neighbors
Go sledding
Go to the Christmas program at your church
Decorate cookies
Write a letter to Santa 
Decorate your own wrapping paper
Make cards to send to relatives or friends
Cover pine cones with peanut butter and seeds and hang them out for the birds
Go caroling

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