Friday, January 10, 2014

Enough is Enough

"Do you think this will be enough diapers?" I asked my husband as we prepared for a trip to see my parents.  I realized as I said it that it’s a question I ask a lot when packing.  If I’m honest, I ask it about things not connected to diapers and wipes too—do we have enough money in our account to cover these bills?  Do we have enough time to get to the store? 

Though I believe God provides abundantly and faithfully, I still find myself asking these questions.  I suppose it’s in part because we live in a culture where every ad, every commercial, every store aims to convince us that we are lacking in some way, either in what we have, how we look, or how much we give our kids. 

This time of year, that can especially be the case.  Saying no to something, even if it means you get back some time as a family, can make you feel like a scrooge.  So can deciding that three kinds of cookies are enough to bake or that your kids can only ask for four presents this year.  We’ve gotten to the point where our enough-ness is equated with how busy we are or how much we own, which of course is not where our worthiness is found.

Scripture reminds us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that God knit us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139).  What this means is that we are enough, just as we are.  Sure, there are always things we can improve upon and ways we can grow, but neither God’s love for us nor our “enough-ness” depend on making those changes.

This time of year, with the Christmas season just behind us, and New Year's resolutions on the horizon, I invite you to join me in focusing on the fact that you are enough, just as you are.  And I invite you to live as though that really is true (it is!).  Because the truth is, God didn’t send Jesus into the world to give us more to do or to help us shed those last ten pounds.  God sent Jesus into the world to show us that wherever we are, and whatever we do, God loves us.  Let that be enough for you.

This post was taken from the most recent column I wrote for our local paper, The Echo Press. 

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