Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Mealtime Prayers

It's a cute thing when you hear your (almost) preschooler remind you- "Oh, we almost forgot to pray!" when sitting down for a meal.  I largely credit the fact that Esme does that to the fact that in our house, meal time prayers mean getting to watch your parents do funny gestures while singing catchy tunes.  Even still, I'll take it. 

So far, the Superman camp-style meal grace is the runaway favorite and the prayer that is chosen the most.  At this point, my dear Dad has learned it by heart and even Reid is catching on.  When he hears us ask Esme which prayer she wants to say, he lifts up his arm to the sky, ready to go.

Of course, the thing about teaching your children camp-style meal prayers is that when you go out to a restaurant, they will most certainly expect you to use those prayers there too!  I've posted some of these meal prayers before, but here are a few more, just in case you're not familiar with camp graces to the extent that Thomas and I are.

Superman Prayer (sung to the tune of Superman theme)
Thank you God for giving us food (stretch right arm up into the air, making a fist)
Thank you God for giving us food (put right arm down; stretch left arm up into the air...)
For the food that we ea-at (right arm)
And the friends that we me-et (left arm)
 Thank you God for giving us food. (both arms raised up Superman style)

Coca Cola Prayer (sung to the old-school Coca Cola theme song)The sun will always shine
The birds will always sing
As long as there is God
There's always the real thing

Jesus Christ came down and died for our sin
And we thank you now as this meal beg-in-ins
Do do do do do do do do do do (chick a chah)
Do do do do do always Jesus Christ

Jaws Prayer (to the tune of Jaws- put your hands above you head in the shape of a shark fin and get increasingly faster)
God is..great and God is..good
And so we thank God for our food
Ah-men (open your arms and slap hands together like you are a shark eating some food!)

ABC Prayer (this is the one we did first with Esme because it is so simple and because she was also learning her ABCs)
Thank you God for feeding me

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