Friday, February 28, 2014

Resources for Managing Media

Here are the resources I gathered and passed on to the families who came when we talked about managing media at Faith Families. !--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]-->

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dot complicated: untangling our wired lives by Randi Zuckerberg- This book is part auto-biographical and part practical.  There is a section related to parenting that is very applicable and good (in my opinion).

Dot by Randi Zuckerberg- This is a great book for kids that helps teach the lesson that there is a time for using a screen, as well as a time for creative play away from a screen.

Arthur’s TV Troubles by Marc Brown- This book teaches about being a smart consumer.  Just because a commercial makes something sound amazing doesn't mean it really is.

Berenstain Bears Too Much TV by Stan and Jan Berenstain- This is an oldie but goodie that teaches kids the value of taking time away from the TV, exploring and playing outside.

Media Management Tips- Ten tips from Parents Choice (they do media and toy reviews) on how to manage media as a family.

Managing Smart Phones and Media for Kids- This article includes some tips on how to manage technology and reduce risk, as well as a list of resources for parents, caregivers, and teachers, and a link to a list of the most popular social media apps for teens.

Common Sense Media- This site ranks movies, apps, and more for families, kids, and schools.
Family Circle Magazine Technology- Here's a place you can find info on navigating through all sorts of questions related to technology.  The team of experts for this section aim to help guide you through the digital world.
Parents' Choice- This website is connected to the Parents' Choice Foundation, which is the nation's oldest non-profit guide to quality children's media and toys.
Plugged In- On this site, you'll find reviews for movies, video games, music, TV shows and more.  I especially like the "Movie Nights" and "Family Room" sections listed at the top of the page.

Apps, sites to explore, etc.
jesus calling for kids (ipod)
Bible Coloring Book (iPad and iPod)
The ABCs of God (iPad)

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