Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lent Prayer "Garden"

Here's another idea of a way you can spend time as a family praying during Lent.  What I love about this idea is that it incorporates so many of the senses.  Not only that, it involves candles, which, as I've written before, can be effective dinnertime.  I also love this idea because it is something I can do.  Unlike a lot of ideas you might find on Pinterest or other sites, this activity doesn't take a lot of prep, planning, or time to put together, maybe just a trip to the store.

To get this "garden" started, all you need is a small bowl to hold the sand and some tea light candles to use in the garden.  You could use purple ones to highlight the color of the season.  Put the garden on your kitchen table, or someplace close where you'll see it at mealtime.  Then, put a small bowl of stones on the kitchen table with the garden.

Each night at dinner, light a candle and pray together.  Each person can choose a rock and pray for a special concern or a thanksgiving before adding it to the garden.

You could also add other things, like a verse from scripture or a cross or palm branch as the season progresses to talk about before adding your rocks.

I found this idea on the blog: Thoughts from the Sheepfold.

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