Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Thought for Good Friday

This devotion comes is written by Katherine Ewald Olson and comes from the devotion for Good Friday in Christ in Our Home for April 2014.

A pastor was invited to speak to a Bible study group on the topic of discipleship.  One group member asked, "What makes a disciple?"  The pastor replied, "Well, when we read the gospels, we learn that disciples are those who rejected, misunderstood, abandoned, betrayed, and denied Jesus."  Group member chuckled nervously as they pondered the meaning of her words.  Anyone listening would have expected a list of much more positive traits.  But this week, as we ponder the betrayal, denial, and death of our Lord, these seem like appropriate points to ponder.

As disciples of Jesus, we are not always "successful" at imitating Christ's example and implementing spiritual disciplines.  Just like those who journeyed alongside Jesus, we have rejected, misunderstood, abandoned, betrayed, and denied our Lord too many times to count.  And yet it was precisely for sinners like us that Jesus died.  What seemed like a dead-end road for his followers- the cross- became a new beginning for us all.  The Lord's desire to forgive sinners will never be overcome.  Thanks be to God!

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