Thursday, June 26, 2014

God in the Clouds

This is another summer-friendly activity to do together as a family.  In the midst of everything else you have going on, know that spending some quality time and conversation together, connecting with God, and giving everyone in your family some time to "just be" is time well-spent.  This activity is adapted from one found at written by Julie Filby.

Needed: very hot water, clear jar or drinking glass, metal bowl to set on top of the jar or glass, ice cubes or freezer, Bible, bookmark 

Prepare In Advance:
Place a bookmark at Matthew 17:1-13 in your Bible
Fill the metal bowl with ice cubes or place it in the freezer to make it very cold. Heat some water

Activity Plan

1. Gather the family and go outside to look at the clouds. Talk together about what you see and notice.

2. Gather around a table and begin with prayer: Bless our time together, O God, and open our hearts and minds to learn from your Word. Amen. 

3. Ask someone to read aloud from Matthew 17:1-13 from your Bible.

4. After reading the story, work together to make a jar of clouds:
  • Carefully pour one inch of very hot water in a clear jar or drinking glass.
  • Place the metal bowl (dump out the ice first) on top of the jar or glass.
  • The vapor rising from the hot water will meet the cold air sinking from the bowl, causing condensation—a cloud.
5. As you admire your cloud, discuss how the apostles might have felt when they heard God's voice from the cloud. Do you think the presence of the cloud made them pay more attention to the words? Why or why not? What do you think the disciples learned from this experience? What do you learn from their story?

6. Talk about the ways Christians today might hear God's voice. (For example, in prayer, worship, Bible reading, or the words and actions of another person.)

7. Pray: God, thank you for speaking to us in a variety of ways. Helps us hear your voice and to know you are near. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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