Friday, June 20, 2014

Hole in One

For Thomas' birthday in March, I bought him a gift certificate for two golf lessons.  Due to schedules that fill up all too fast, he hasn't had the chance to use them yet, so I told him that this weekend, he should schedule one of them. 

Golf is just one of the many things he and I love to do during the summer, and we haven't had much time yet for any of them.  We're also overdue for a date night, but he's been pulling more than his weight at home lately and deserves a break.  And one of the things I've noticed in our relationship is that when we individually get some time to do something we enjoy, we're also much better together as a couple.

The next time we do get a chance to spend some alone time together, though, we're going to hit the links and put what Thomas learns in his golf lesson to the test.  With that in mind, when I came across this outline for a date from The Great Date Experience, it fit right in.

In case you and your partner are hungry for some date time as well, I wanted to pass it on.  As the intro to the date says, "Now that summer is here, don't be a duffer in your dating life.  Avoid the hazards of not spending enough time with your spouse.  Tighten your grip, stay away from the rough, and call for a mulligan if you need it..."

Hole 1: Par 3
We don’t want you to bogey this date, so arrange a day out with your spouse to enjoy summer. Birdie this hole by grabbing your spouse’s favorite take-out and a blanket and finding some green space for a picnic.

Follow Through: Would you rather walk the course or drive the cart? Are you one who just wants to get there or enjoys the journey?

Hole 2: Par 5

In golf, no two swings look alike. In marriage, spouses are also rarely alike. Celebrate one way your spouse is different than you.

Follow Through: What was it that first attracted you to your spouse? How does his/her personality complement yours—even if you’re exact opposites?

Hole 3: Par 4

To play a successful round, you’ve got to chip and pitch well! While you’re picnicking, discuss two things that you do well together as a couple.

Follow Through: Thinking about the year ahead, would you rather lay up and play it safe or go for the green in two? What would you like to take a chance on this year?

Hole 4: Par 3

“Fore!” You know to duck when you hear this. What do you need to avoid as a couple to keep your marriage strong?

Follow Through: If you could take a mulligan on a recent behavior, what would it be?

Hole 5: Par 5

A foot wedge helps a golfer cheat his way out of trouble. Talk about how you both can do a better job cheating work and other responsibilities in order to spend more time with each other.

Follow Through: Birdie this hole by doing something you both enjoy!

Hole 6: Par 3

If you want to have a good score, you have to consider your approach. Share one thing your spouse can do to make sure your love tank is full at the end of the round.

Follow Through: When you are playing “a round,” what can you do on the front nine to ensure you make it to the clubhouse successfully? Wink, wink :)

Hole 7: Par 4

In golf, focusing on the flag helps you hit the green. In life, keeping your focus on God keeps you out of the rough. How does trusting God play out in your marriage?

Follow Through: Try joining a Community Group, going on a mission trip, or serving on a team at your church.

Hole 8: Par 3

Make the final turn by eating dessert in a fun or romantic spot.
Follow Through: Want to hit it close to the pin? Sit close and remind each other of why you fell in love in the first place.

Hole 9: Par 3

Par this final hole by complimenting your spouse. Birdie the hole by giving him/her two compliments. Make it an eagle by sharing even more!
Follow Through: Make your way to the 19th hole and celebrate finishing this round of the Great Date! Oh, yeah!

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