Monday, May 11, 2015

Family-Friendly Mission Project

Earlier this spring I helped put together a Family Retreat at our church along with our Family Ministry Board.  One of the things we did during our time together (in addition to eat a lot of great food and have lots of time for fun and games) was the activity I dubbed "Wrapped in God's Love."

In putting together the activity, I wanted something that was hands-on, focused on service, and good for a variety of ages.  I came up with the idea of having each family make a tie blanket for someone they know who was sick or hurting in some way and gave each family a tie blanket kit to get started.  This is the activity outline we used:

Wrapped in God's Love

1. The Bible teaches us that God is love.  There are many different Bible verses that talk about the way that God cares for us.  Look up the Bible verses below to find out some of those ways.  Write a brief description of what the verse says.
  • Psalm 12:1-3
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • Matthew 7:7
  • Luke 12:7
2. One of the ways that God shows us God cares is through other people.  As God's people, God uses us to show others that God loves them and cares for them too.

3. As a family, talk about people you know who are hurting, sick, or lonely.  Consider extended family members, friends at church, friends at school, friends at work, neighbors, and other people you know.  Make a list of these people.

4. Choose one person from your list for whom you will make a tie blanket.

5. Make the tie blanket together as a family.

6. Once your blanket is completed, write a short note to the person you will give it to.  You don't need to say a lot.  Sometimes just saying, "I'm thinking about you and care about you," is a strong message.  You might consider saying something like, "I am praying for you," or "God loves you, and we do too," as well.

7. Remind your family that they shouldn't expect replies.  The point is to care for others without expecting anything in return.  Discuss how serving others is about giving of ourselves.

8. Celebrate when you finish!  It feels good to reach out to others and show them you care.

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